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I'm Dréa. 15.
I like art, porn, and am an anarchist.
I'll comfort anyone who isnt a dick and is human so please feel free to contact me.
I also may post my own art, my songs (played on violin or ukeulele), and I bitch a lot.


Track off the brand new EP from my band Crossfire, available for free download here: https://onerpm.com/#/album/562176806

This song’s called Reality TV; it’s essentially slagging off the concept of reality TV and pointing out how it’s really making the general attitude of society pretty shitty. Check it out if you’re a punk music fan.

Guies. Guies. This
This is amazing.
Listen :o

Posted: Tue August 7th, 2012 at 10:54am
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    Guies. Guies. This This is amazing. Guies. Listen :o
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