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I'm Dréa. 15.
I like art, porn, and am an anarchist.
I'll comfort anyone who isnt a dick and is human so please feel free to contact me.
I also may post my own art, my songs (played on violin or ukeulele), and I bitch a lot.

So I like using Diphenhydramine
but my Nick hates it when I use it
and I usually don’t keep my stomach empty enough to trip on it without vomitting so I havent been able to anyways
I’d like to fast and binge on it a little bit
But I don’t think doing either of those things would leave Nick in a good mood :c

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bongs though. 

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I am seriously pissed because too many people think they love me.
I’ve had it happen to me so fucking much it’s fucking annoying.
I’m nothing but an asshole. Yes, I’m a good friend, I’ll help you through shit, I got your back. I feel like people are in love with the idea of love. Most of the people who’ve claimed their love for me also tend to be the people that hardly know me. People throw the word around too much.
Does anyone actually sit and consider things anymore?

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youre just really dense
you should probably look at it from a better angle

or wait

I just need time.

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ignore me for strangers on the internet and tell me how androgynous I am.
Yes that’s just what I have always wanted.

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They’re killing me

Hab so Lust auf neue.


Das übrigens ist ein gif von ganz am Anfang, wo ich noch nicht so krass abhängig war. Wenn ich jetzt anfangen würde mit schneiden, müsste ich wahrscheinlich ins Krankenhaus.

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i want to relapse

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Found this picture in my old camera.. and I’m really glad that I’m getting better..


I need a hug or a razor

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Grunge blog ;


The longer I go without it, the more I miss it when the urge comes along.


- I am a Hero